110429 Music Bank Performers List !!

♬ Comeback Stage ♪
– After School [Let’s Step Up + Shampoo]
– Eru [Countrified and Immature]
– Kim JongMin [Oppa, Find Strength]
♬ Girl Groups Stage! Sexy, Pretty, Sweety Girl’s Stage ♪
– 4Minute [Mirror Mirror]
– f(x) [Pinnochio (Danger)]
– Dal Shabet [Pink Rocket]
– Rainbow [To Me…]
– Girls’ Day [Twinkle Twinkle]
– A Pink [I Don’t Know]
– Brave Girls [Do You Know]
– Rania [Dr Feel Good]
♬ Brand New SOUND ♪
– CN Blue [Love Girl]
– B1A4 [O.K]
– Ali [I Tried Everything But…]
♬ Today Music Bank ♪
– 스피넬 (Spinel) [Chu Chu]
– Ye Ara [Heart Break]
– Go Eun [Savior]
– Turtles [Hero]
– Primary [요지경]
– X-5 [Don’t Put On An Act]
– NS Yoonji [Talk Talk Talk]
– Clover [La Vida Loca]
Show starts around 6:05pm KST (GMT +9)

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